Skin care: my face routine



Everyone knows that I am no longer a little girl. I am 35 years old and have always enjoyed taking care of my skin. Today I am going to show you all my beauty routine and face care. Since I was a teenager, my dream was to get a skin care kit so much that I liked this dermo world. Do you know that combo to cleanse, tone, hydrate and etc? Was all I wanted! Until I was 15 I got my first kit and I never stopped. I was not a pimply teenager, and oddly enough, the time I had the most acne was in the first two years that I used a contraceptive method, the IUD (intrauterine device) type called Mirena. Stay about 4 years with him, and today I don't use it anymore. If you use it, I don't know if it went through the same, but I believe that it has a personal hornonal factor too. Today, the few pimples appear only in PMS, and are already a warning saying that menstruation is coming. However, my skin is mixed, and whatever oily cream I use, the pimples start to appear. So I'm very careful when choosing products for this region.

So come on! I have many products at home, but the basic routine is always the same, and the other products I use alternately. Remember that you should always use products according to your age and skin type. Firstly, the products I can't live without. A good cleansing gel is my number 1 item in the bag. When I wake up and before going to sleep, I wash my face with the gel. I have used Effaclar by La Roche Posay for years and am currently experimenting with Vichy Normaderm. Both make the effect I want, clean and remove excess oil without damaging the skin. I confess that I am in love with the smell of Vichy. Hill of laziness to tone. It looks like that watery liquid won't do anything to my face ... But ... come on! After washing my face, I almost always use Caudalie's tonic For hydration and skin renewal care, I have been using Caudalie's Vinexpert line for two months: Fluid for the day, Tisane Cream for the night and eye serum. I'm terrified of buying some line because I don't know how my skin will react. But this one worked very well, no acne and a perfect texture. Caudalie is a French brand well known there. I bought it on my last trip and I don't remember seeing the brand in Brazil. I'm already worried when my cremitchos run out.

After washing and toning, apply the day or night cream, depending on the period and at night complete with that of the eye region. I'm addicted to makeup remover! And this is an addiction all the best! I can count in one hand the nights I slept with makeup in my life. And look, I love total makeup. Since I understand myself and use makeup, I always removed everything before going to sleep. Even in the strong ballads of times ago. It's law! Make up, took off! I have several brands at home that I like so much. So, when I'm wearing makeup, I insert some of these products into the evening routine. Before washing with the gel, I remove the makeup with a ball of cotton wool and then wash with the cleansing gel. When the make is heavier, there is still a little left, especially in the eye area, and then I wipe off what is left with a cotton swab. And I continue the following steps normally. I love these cleansing waters from Uriage and Caudalie. And I also love this creamy rinse from Clinique. Skin spots are easily removed with Curaderm cream available online. I absolutely recommend this product!


About Waterproof Mascara



Now, when I travel I go to the easiest. I carry these makeup wipes in my bag. There are several brands on the market. The one I have here did not find the image. Then I replace the make-up remover with it, rubbing gently across the face. The eye region is the worst! When you have no eyeshadow and eyeliner, you always have a basic mascara that insists on staying. It's that thing: waterproof mascara like that ... Advantage: it doesn't come out with water. Disadvantage: does not come out with water. Calma So calm and let's remove everything. I am not a person with freshness, but I think it is worthy for every woman to have an ageless freshness.

And my master is this thermal water. Ah! If it works, I don't know, but I feel in the highest degree of wealth, spraying that water on my face on hot summer days. But in my opinion it is a totally expendable product and I only have it at home because I bought it cheap abroad. And I couldn't go without talking about them! The sunscreens. Here the bug catches and I need to pay extra attention, because any oilier product I use, there is the spine the next day.

Generally, the higher the sun factor, the more oily the product is. So, if you find a sunscreen that suits your skin type, marry it. I spent years married to Anthelios from La Roche Posay, and now I'm dating Neutrogena Clear face. I love the beach and I'm always cycling around. And I don't like tanning my face at all. Protective step every other hour, and at the beach I have my face under the direct sunshade and even then the sun catches. Sun on the skin causes premature aging, in addition to the dreaded skin cancer, so sunscreen always! And if the bronze on your face doesn't match your body, a tan blush solves this problem. That's what I do! And attention! Remember that each product must be indicated according to the type of skin and the needs according to age and daily life. Take care not to waste your money on unnecessary products or damage your skin. When in doubt, consult a dermatologist.

Skin care tips for everyday life


The skin is an area that requires care and attention. It is important to know your skin type, and thus be able to make the best use of the specific products for you. Here are some tips that seem basic, but that will make a big difference to your skin. We challenge you to test and see the result:

Start skin care today

It is always time to start taking care of your skin's health. Stop rolling and start today! In general, up to 20-25 years old the main concern should be hydration and sun protection. From the age of 25, moreover, it is possible to start fighting free radicals and aging with supplements, acids and topical and oral antioxidants.

Use sunscreen on your face daily

The day-to-day sun ages the skin of the face, leads to the formation of spots and contributes to the appearance of skin cancer. Therefore, apply sunscreen every morning. The amount should be equivalent to five little flies distributed evenly on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

Always moisturize your skin after bathing

The moisturizer is a great ally to keep the skin soft, luminous and free from injuries. The hot bath and soap eliminate natural fat, causing the skin to lose water. Applying the moisturizing cream right after the shower, with the skin still moist, is a great option.

Take care of the beauty of the skin from the inside out

The “inside and outside” strategy is increasingly adopted for cosmetic treatments. A balanced diet makes a lot of difference. The most prescribed supplements are antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, and trace elements, such as zinc and silicon.

Drink water regularly

Water is necessary for all of our body's reactions and is also essential for tissue regeneration and maintaining the health of our skin. The recommendation is eight glasses a day.

Never sleep with makeup

Makeup clogs pores and increases the chance of blackheads and whiteheads, as well as developing allergies and aging your skin faster. It is at night, too, that the skin absorbs nutrients better. Therefore, it is essential to remove makeup so that the skin, clean, can absorb the products recommended by your dermatologist.

Do facials regularly

To complete all these tips, performing facial treatments like Skin Cleansing is essential for the skin to breathe and renew its cells. This treatment is indicated to remove impurities from the skin and promote the cleanliness of the pores. Check the indications and benefits on our website.